WATCH: Black food truck owners subdue businessman after he pulls a gun on them during exit interview
KCTV/Screen capture

On Wednesday, KCTV reported that a pair of Black food truck owners in Mesa, Arizona were forced to subdue a man who pulled a gun on them during an exit interview discussing their dismissal from use of a shared kitchen facility.

"Solomon Odubhao and Brittney Myers, who operate a food truck called WhachaCookin, told KNXV-TV they were renting a space in the commercial kitchen to prep their food but received a 30-day notice to vacate last month," said the report. "Tom Toot, who is the life partner of the kitchen's owner, met with the couple on Feb. 5 for an exit interview. Toot is not an employee but told the couple he is in charge of scheduling and operations, KNXV-TV reported."

According to the couple, Toot, who is reportedly a disabled veteran, accused them of contaminating the kitchen, and the argument escalated, at which point Toot started to draw his weapon and Odubhao lunged around the table to subdue him. While Odubhao held him down for 11 minutes, Myers called 9-1-1 for help.

"I went with my instincts," Odubhao told the news. "I didn't come there to get killed."

The report continued: "Toot was charged with aggravated assault and ordered not to return to the scene, KNXV-TV reported. Meanwhile, police are investigating whether the incident was a possible hate crime."

Watch video, courtesy of ABC 15, below:

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