Georgia high schoolers fire back after principal dismantles their Black Lives Matter display
Fox 5

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, students at a high school in Cobb County, Georgia are furious after their principal tore down a Black Lives Matter display they had constructed on a door.

"Students at Kennesaw Mountain High School said they came up with the idea in class one day to honor the lives of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and other Black people that have died in police encounters," reported Rob DiRienzo. "They put up a display on their classroom door at the beginning of February to commemorate Black History Month. Last week, Principal Nathan Stark told them [it was coming down], they said."

Students were quick to speak out. "I take a very personal because you know, I could wake up tomorrow go out tomorrow somewhere and the same thing that happened to George Floyd could happen to me," said eleventh grader Christopher Bryant-Beasley, who is Black. Ninth-grader Jariyah Butler agreed, saying "It wasn't just the Black students that made the door, all types of races made that door. It showed that actual people care about us and they believe in the message that Black lives matter."

Stark did not offer comment. However, an unidentified spokesperson for the school district defended the decision, saying, "Objectivity, balanced points of view, and not identifying personal positions on controversial issues is part of Board policy. Board policy provides guidelines for Cobb students and staff to teach and learn about controversial issues and directs teachers to use classrooms to teach, not influence students towards any side of any political or partisan issue."

Schools around the country have sometimes struggled to handle the issue with sensitivity. One middle school in Arkansas recently apologized after releasing a yearbook that called Black Lives Matter demonstrations "riots" while calling the Capitol riots a "protest."

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