'Very bad ideas': Bob Woodward explains the driving reason why Trump will run again

At the conclusion of a very long interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday morning, the Washington Post's Bob Woodward was asked by the hosts of the program his gut feeling over whether Donald Trump will make another run for the presidency.

The author -- along with Robert Costa -- of the bombshell book "Peril" detailing the last days of the Trump presidency, said he had no doubts the ex-president would -- and for a very specific reason.

"The idea of Trump running again," co-host Willie Geist began. "It's a question that hangs over the country right now. Will he run for president again? What will go into the former president's decision about whether he'll run or not in 2024?"

"The Woodward method of reporting is to sit down with people for five, six even eight hours," co-author Robert Costa replied. "We have been sitting down with people close to President Trump for many months. You start to hear a certain refrain from people who really know him: he wants back, that he feels he has the political capital with his core supporters. He likes playing golf and he jokes that he is off Twitter but this is someone who wants back into the presidency. He believes the Republican Party is still very much in his grip that people are not going to war with him at the highest ranks of the party."

"Once back " Woodward interjected, "and if you get into the question, which is important to do what? And the answer is to be Donald Trump. That's not an agenda. That does not connect to the needs of the people in the country."

"His disconnection from that, the struggle that people are engaged in, he has no idea and again, the power of the presidency is so great," he continued. "Good things can be done and good things have been done to mobilize that power and make sure that it's going to be in the interests of the people and the country. And you know, I think I would argue and I mean -- also, it's true that this book is not a partisan harangue -- it's something where Democrats and Republicans, people on the left and right say what did he do with the presidency?"

"Why were there so many people who held him in disdain?" he added. "They would checkmate him because he would have very bad ideas, even bad ideas for him."

Watch below:

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