'How dare you': Gun-glorifying Lauren Boebert buried for tweet about Colorado mass shooting victims

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) came under withering criticism on Twitter late Monday for her tweets about the mass shooting at a Colorado grocery store, with many pointing out her avid support for more guns on the streets of the United States.

As reporting on the shooting was breaking, the gun-toting lawmaker was busy tweeting, "The White House just called a lid at 1:13pm today. Biden is back in the basement, figuratively at least. Meanwhile, the country is in chaos and the border is coming apart at the seams."

An hour later she finally addressed the shooting, with a tweet offering the usual "prayers" for victims -- a pro forma message usually delivered by conservative lawmakers every time there is a mass gun-related act of violence.

She wrote, "My prayers are with the shoppers, employees, first responders & others affected by the shooting in Boulder. May God be with them. While we are still awaiting important information and details in this case, random public shootings & senseless acts of violence are never ok."

That brought on a flood of criticism with one commenter bluntly stating, "How dare you."

You can see some responses below: