Brad Parscale wears 'Trump 2024' T-shirt — reveals focus on 'artificial intelligence and machine learning'

Longtime Donald Trump strategist Brad Parscale wore a red "Trump 2024" T-Shirt with a "save America" slogan at a MAGA rally in Delaware, Ohio on Saturday.

Parscale sat down with the far-right "Real America's Voice" podcast at the rally ahead of Trump's speech.

"They cut off every channel for a president to communicate," he complained as Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" blared over the loudspeakers.

"And that stress builds up. You know the stress, the stress in front of the camera, and the stress of cancel culture in America, the hatred from the left the [unintelligible]," he said.

He talked of his longing for the years when Trump was in office.

"And I'm excited to get back there. I've actually built software, I've built artificial intelligence and machine learning, now, to even fight more," he said.