Cops gas mentally ill Brazilian Black man to death
Jair Bolsonaro (AFP:Evaristo SA)

On Thursday, The Daily Beast reported that a new video appears to show Brazilian police killing a mentally ill Black man inside a car with a gas grenade.

"Federal highway police stopped 38-year-old Genivaldo de Jesus Santos, as footage shows, pinning him to the ground, putting him in the back of a police car, and trapping his kicking legs with the door as gas billows out of the vehicle," reported Alice Tecotzky. "An autopsy confirmed that Santos, who suffered from schizophrenia, according to family members, died of asphyxiation."

"Santos’ nephew, Wallison de Jesus, told local media outlets that his uncle was unarmed," the report continued. "The nephew said that Santos became nervous after officers found medication packets during the encounter. As per the nephew’s account, he told officers that Santos needed the medication and that his uncle 'didn’t resist.'"

Brazilian Federal Police dispute this story, claiming that Santos "actively resisted" and that they only resorted to a gas grenade after "instruments of lesser offensive potential" failed to subdue him.

Brazil has rampant rates of police violence, particularly against Black civilians. According to The Washington Post, the incident has already sparked protests in Santos' hometown.

All of this comes as Brazil's presidential election is scheduled for October, where right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro, notorious for his anti-Black remarks, is struggling in polls against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

You can watch the video here.