‘Bring it on’: Hannity dares Hillary Clinton to sue for defamation after she warns Fox on ‘actual malice’
Sean Hannity (Fox News Screen Grab)

Fox News has been obsessed with Hillary Clinton this week after Bill Barr's secretly-installed special counsel John Durham filed papers in court the right-wing media has twisted and turned into yet another fake – and thoroughly debunked – scandal.

In her speech at the New York Democratic Convention Thursday, the party's 2016 presidential nominee and landslide popular vote winner, Hillary Clinton, alluded to that obsession – drawing a challenge from far-right "propagandist" Sean Hannity just hours later.

Overnight CNN's Oliver Darcy reported on the verbal scuffle:

"Fox leads the charge with accusations against me, counting on their audience to fall for it again," Clinton said. She then invoked some legal language. "As an aside," Clinton said about Fox, "they're getting awfully close to actual malice." Clinton spox Nick Merrill wrote on Twitter that she had "called them and their bulls**t out by name."

Citing Fox News' "already-manic coverage" of Clinton, Darcy notes that the "right-wing talk channel, which has in recent days dishonestly twisted a court filing from special counsel John Durham to accuse Clinton of nefariously spying on Donald Trump, mentioned Clinton's name nearly 200 times Thursday, according to a search of rush TV transcripts."

Hannity responded to Clinton's warning, as Darcy explains:

"Malice, really? It's called news," the right-wing propagandist claimed. "Hillary, we invite you to bring it on." Of course, while it is extremely unlikely Clinton would take any such legal action against Fox, I would be curious to know what the network's lawyers think of him daring her to sue for defamation.

For those who don't watch Fox News nightly, watch this short clip of Hannity's evolving claims about the Clinton scandal that isn't:

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