Bitcoin 'icon' running for NH senate seat to vote 'no' on almost everything

Republican Bruce Fenton filed to run for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire on the first day of the filing period.

WMUR-TV described Fenton as "financial adviser who made a fortune in bitcoin."

Also running in the GOP primary is Chuck Morse, the president of the New Hampshire Senate. Incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan is expected to be renominated by Democrats.

"Fenton is a member of the Free State movement and a financial adviser who made an early investment in bitcoin that paid off in a big way, making him an icon in the world of cryptocurrency," WMUR reported.

At the end of March, Morse reported having $672,000 cash on hand. Fenton told CoinDesk he would initially invest $5 million, but would "spend and raise whatever it takes."

Hassan reported $7,616,000 cash on hand.

"The money that we have is broken," Fenton told WMUR. "What they're calling money, this fiat, this money I just gave, that's just pictures of dead presidents that somebody is saying is money, and they're printing it from thin air by the trillions — by the trillions — and they're giving it to their cronies."

He told the station he intended to vote "no" on almost all of the time.

"The system and the reality is you need a lot of money, and that's the way the game goes, so I'm going to play that game because I want to win," he said.

Fenton told CoinDesk he sometimes refers to himself as a “Ron Paul Republican.”

“We are facing times of true good and evil,” Fenton said. “I think bitcoiners have a better-than-average understanding of human rights, freedom and peace."


Bruce Fenton