Gun store owner who sold weapon to Buffalo shooter 'feels terrible' about what happened
A customer handles an AR-15 at Jimmy's Sport Shop in Mineola, New York, on Sept. 25, 2020. - TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/AFP/TNS

A gun store owner who recently sold an assault weapon to accused Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron says he feels terrible about the crime.

Speaking to The New York Times, Robert Donald of Vintage Firearms in Endicott, New York, said he didn't know he sold a firearm to the suspect until he was informed by federal agents.

“I knew nothing about it until I got the call from them. I couldn’t believe it," Donald said, adding that a background check on Gendron didn't turn up any red flags.

“He didn’t stand out,” he said of the suspect. “Because if he did, I would’ve never sold him the gun.

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Gendron is accused of killing 10 people in a “racially motivated” rampage in a Buffalo supermarket this Saturday.

“I don’t understand why an 18-year-old would even do this,” Donald said. “I know I didn’t do anything wrong, but I feel terrible about it.”

Donald said the weapon was legally compliant when it was sold, but according to reports, Gendron illegally modified the weapon before the shooting.

“Even with all of those safety features on it — which is the only way I sell it — any gun can be easily modified if you really want to do it,” he said.