CA judge rejects 15-year plea in case involving 3 homicides: report
Judge's gavel (

A California judge on Thursday rejected a 15-year plea deal in a case involving three homicides, The Berkeley Scanner reports.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Mark McCannon said he wants a jury to decide the fate of 31-year-old Delonzo Logwood in connection with the fatal 2008 shootings.

Logwood was facing a potential sentence of 75 years to life on murder charges, according to the report.

Newly elected Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price offered Logwood the 15-year deal last month.

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According to a San Francisco Chronicle report: “The negotiated terms were so unusual that Alameda County Superior Court Judge Mark McCannon said he needed more time to consider whether he would sign off on the drastically reduced sentence, an attorney representing the defendant said.”

The case made headlines across the globe after what was perceived by many as too lenient. A Daily Mail headline referred to Price as “Oakland’s woke new DA.”

"I can't accept a plea to voluntary manslaughter for 15 years for an offense that involves the loss of three lives," McCannon said Thursday, The Scanner reports.

"I am not here to do what is popular, but what I believe is right and supported by the law."

Logwood was 18 at the time of the 2008 shootings, but wasn’t charged until 2015, when he was already in custody in connection with other allegations, the report said.

McCannon said that had he accepted the deal, Logwood would have likely spent just two more years in prison.