Fox News guest says Canadian prime minister is using a 'dictator starter kit' after banning plastic straws
Justin Trudeau. (AFP / Dave Chan)

The Canadian government announced this week that it plans to ban single-use plastics for items such as straws and bags in an effort to cut down on the kind environmental waste that is worsening the climate crisis.

However, Fox News guest Ben Ferguson said this week that the ban on plastic straws really represents something far more sinister.

Appearing on Harris Faulkner's show, Ferguson accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of leading his country down the path to totalitarianism.

"It's a dictator's starter kit," he said. "You ban hand guns a couple of weeks ago, now you add straws to the list. It's like, a dictator's starter kit. The people that get it, you might want to wake up. We take your guns a week ago, now we're going to take away your straws. They're not going to have a lot left pretty soon!"

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"You can't even blow spitballs!" complained Faulkner.

According to nonprofit organization Freedom House, Canada is one of the freest nations in the world due to its "strong history of respect for political rights and civil liberties."

In fact, Freedom House rates Canada as a freer country than the United States, which has seen its ratings tumble in recent years.

Watch the video below.