'Comrade Candace' Owens earns ironic praise from socialists -- here's why

Right-wing ideologue Candace Owens thought she was making a clever argument against getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus -- but she ended up making a good case for Medicare for All.

In a tweet posted earlier this week, Owens questioned whether the vaccines against COVID-19 are really safe and effective when they are being administered for free.

"So explain to me why insulin and inhalers cost so much money," Owens wrote. "If the vaccines are really about the government saving your life, why do life-saving medicines cost so much?"

In fact, Americans pay more money for insulin and other drugs under a for-profit health care system than people who live under single-payer systems such as Canada and the United Kingdom.

In fact, a study from the RAND Corporation, which is hardly a left-wing think tank, found that insulin costs in America are on average eight times higher than insulin costs in comparably wealthy countries.

Owens's accidentally sound argument in favor of socialized medicine earned her the nickname "Comrade Candace" from many socialists on Twitter -- check out some replies below.