Snapchat pics result in arrest of man for allegedly stealing a beer from Pelosi’s fridge

Photos posted to Snapchat -- including a selfie -- have helped federal prosecutors make a case against an insurrectionist from the Capitol riots.

Andrew Ericson was charged with unlawful entry to a restricted building along with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

In the criminal complaint, a FBI special agent explains how Ericson was identified.

The complaint says the U.S. Attorney for the North District of Oklahoma sent the pics to the Eastern District of Oklahoma, which is where it was believed Ericson lived in the town of Muskogee.

"Based upon this investigation, Affiant has reason to believe Andrew Ericson used a personal cellular device to take at least two photographs of himself and livestream his entrance into the United States Capitol Building.

A witness who viewed the livestream "also saw Ericson enter what Witness 1 thinks is Nancy Pelosi's office and take what appeared to be a beer out of a refrigerator in an office."

United States v. Andrew C. Ericson.Screengrab.