Jan 6 committee hopes to have a report of its initial findings released by this summer

This summer, the committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot hopes to have an interim report of its initial findings available for release, with a final report to follow in the fall, CNN reports.

"We don't have a specific date," Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the chairman of the committee, told CNN earlier this month. "But we'll have some rolling hearings that will go on a good bit. It will be a non-traditional type of hearing."

Speaking to CNN, California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said public hearings could take place, despite most of the committee's work being done behind closed doors.

"I think we will want to for the hearings tell the whole story," Schiff said. "Security at the Capitol, the intelligence leading up to the attacks, lack of intelligence, the role of social media, the former President's role, the role of those around him, and tell it in an era fashion so the public knows exactly what's going on."

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