Proud Boys leader in $60K 'fee dispute' with anti-vax 'KNEEL BEFORE ZOD' attorney: report
Zachary Rehl (screen shot)

Capitol rioter Zachary Rehl, the leader of the Philadelphia Proud Boys chapter, reportedly has received $60,000 in donations for his legal expenses.

But now Rehl's attorney, Jonathon Moseley, is threatening that his client could lose that money if he instead retains a public defender, WUSA9 reports.

"Moseley is asking the judge to allow him to withdraw from the case, but only if Rehl can find a very specific attorney of his choosing," former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani told the station. "And the reason Moseley wants to withdraw is because Rehl isn’t giving Moseley donations for his legal fees. A fee dispute is not something that should be discussed in a public filing. It is unprofessional and potentially discloses confidential communications between Moseley and his client."

Moseley alleged in a motion filed Thursday that he helped raise Rehl the $60,000, including $40,000 on the “Christian crowdfunding” site GiveSendGo and $20,000 that's been pledged by the Patriot Freedom Project, according to the station. In addition, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell's group, Defending the Republic, reportedly has agreed to cover Rehl's legal expenses through his June 2022 trial date.

"According to Moseley, much of the funds raised and pledged on his behalf could be in jeopardy if Rehl decides to drop his private counsel and accept representation from the Federal Public Defender’s Office," WUSA reports. "In addition to the potential loss of donated funds, Moseley suggested – without evidence – that Rehl might be the target of 'a widespread effort' by the government to interfere in the legal representation of January 6 defendants."

The station reports that Mosely has made "a number of the most unorthodox filings to date in Capitol riot cases."

"In one filed on behalf of another client, Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs, Moseley claimed – again without evidence – that the government was demanding 'loyalty oaths' in plea deals and punishing January 6 defendants who would not 'KNEEL BEFORE ZOD," according to WUSA9. "Moseley also signed on to a request with his co-counsel in the Meggs case, attorney Brad Geyer, to file a 130-page brief comparing COVID-19 vaccines to the Holocaust in a bid to get him and another Oath Keeper, Kenneth Harrelson, out of pretrial detention."

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