'Dead set on getting the truth': Former federal prosecutor explains significance of new MAGA riot subpoenas
Sarah K. Burris

On CNN Tuesday, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig broke down the significance of the 10 new subpoenas against Trump allies issued by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

"When you look at who's targeted with these new subpoenas, are these investigators after an inside account of what was happening inside the Oval Office on that critically important January 6th?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"I think that's exactly what the investigators are looking for here, Wolf," said Honig. "This is an aggressive move by the committee. It shows us that they are dead set on getting the truth, or at least as much of the truth as they can."

Honig then explained the thinking behind the latest moves.

"I think what we're starting to see emerge is sort of a two-track strategy," he said. "On the one track, you have the deep Trump loyalists. The people who the committee understands are very unlikely to cooperate. Steven Miller, Kayleigh McEnany, Michael Flynn types. I think the committee understands they're going to have to dig in and fight those people, perhaps hold them in contempt, send them to DOJ for potential prosecution."

However, Honig said there was a second group of subpoenaed witnesses who might be more willing to talk.

"For example, in today's batch, Keith Kellogg," he explained. "The committee said the reason they're interested in him is because he urged Donald Trump as the attack was going down to send a tweet to his followers to call him off. So there may be some people here who may be willing to provide important information."

Watch below:

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