‘Ridiculous’ GOP senators blasted on CNN for whining about Capitol rioters facing ‘unequal justice’
Screenshot via YouTube

During a segment on CNN this Tuesday, the panelists discussed attempts by Republicans to compare the events of Jan. 6 to racial justice protests that have taken place in recent months, saying that the prosecuting Capitol rioters while people who rioted during Black Lives Matter protests escape prosecution amounts to "unequal justice."

According to former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, the comparison "is ridiculous."

"It's another fig leaf that the Republicans are using to try to falsely equate the attack on January 6 with some of the violence that was a corollary to some of the social justice protests in the summer of 2020," McCabe said. "The two are not the same."

"Anybody who watched both from their couch at home can tell you the same thing," he continued. "The bottom line for the FBI and DOJ is if the cases are there, you bring them -- whether it's emanating from a Black Lives Matter protest or a Trump rally that tries to take over the Capitol."

Watch the video below:

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