Capitol rioter facing 53 counts including robbery and assault denied release from jail: report
Photo via FBI

A former teacher and ex-Army Ranger from Pennsylvania who participated in the Jan 6th Capitol riot was ordered by a federal judge to remain in jail as he is facing a staggering 53 counts including robbery and assault.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, lawyers for Robert Morss, 28, of Glenshaw filed a motion to free their client pending his trial, only to see it slapped aside by U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden on Friday.

According to the report, Morss -- who was taken into custody in June -- is "a former substitute teacher in the Shaler Area School District and an Afghanistan combat veteran."

"In a motion for release, he and his lawyers maintain that he has been subjected to poor treatment in jail and cited his military service, his lack of criminal record, a pending job in the Washington area and an offer of a place to live with a fellow veteran as reasons to let him go," the Post-Gazette reported while noting the judge was unmoved.

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Assistant U.S. Attorney Melissa Jackson informed the court that Morss has shown no regret for his actions, explaining, "Every person who was present without authority in the Capitol on January 6 contributed to the chaos of that day and the danger posed to law enforcement, the United States Vice President, members of Congress, and the peaceful transfer of power. However, Morss violently led that effort and thus his specific conduct aggravated that chaos and danger."

She added, "In short, Morss came prepared for violence and then repeatedly led the violent mob attacking law enforcement in an effort to overtake the Capitol." His actions inherently prove he is a danger to the community at large, and the law enforcement officers who stand in the way of his ideological beliefs, whose safety can only be assured by his detention."

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