Video from ‘Recall Newsom’ event catches Capitol rioter bragging about rubbing his butt on Pelosi’s desk
(Screenshot via CBS Sacramento)

A former California Republican leader who was charged for his participation in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 can be seen bragging about his involvement in a new video, CBS Sacramento reports.

Jorge Riley, who was expelled from the Sacramento County Republican Central Committee last month for his involvement with the Proud Boys, made the comments at a "Recall Newsom" rally at the State Capitol this weekend.

"I may or may not have rubbed my butt on Nasty Pelosi's desk." Riley says in the new video, which was uploaded to Instagram by the Black Zebra Impact Team.

"I was in there and for the most part almost nobody did anything wrong," he adds.

Watch CBS Sacramento's report on the story below: