QAnon rioter who fought with cops deserves leniency because he was 'sleep deprived': attorneys
Capitol attacker Doug Jensen (Photo: DOJ Indictment)

On Friday, CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, a key reporter covering the January 6 trials, reported that the defense counsel representing Doug Jensen, an Iowa QAnon believer convicted of assaulting police officers at the Capitol, is asking for leniency by citing, among other things, the fact that he was "sleep deprived" when he participated in the attack that left 140 officers injured and threatened the lives of elected officials.

Jensen, said the filing, "is a passionate man who became embroiled in conspiracy theories and conservative politics ... an uneducated union laborer who became overwhelmed by conspiracy theories."

The filing went on to say that "He honestly believed ... the 2020 election had been stolen and believed ... he should be a part of history by observing and assisting in correcting the situation. He believed ... he had the support of the former president and fully expected the perceived wrong was going to be corrected."

The filing suggests a sentence of 27 months.

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The filing fully acknowledged he was armed, saying, "Jensen had his work pocketknife with him on January 6, as he did when he surrendered himself to the FBI on January 8, 2021." Above all, it claimed that "At the time, he was sleep deprived and overwhelmed by conspiracy theories. He believed the 'storm' had arrived and that corrupt politicians were going to be arrested."

"The Storm" is an event imagined by believers of the QAnon conspiracy, in which former President Donald Trump will order mass arrests of all enemies of America — including the secret network of child-trafficking cannibal Satanists who supposedly run the country.

This is not the first time the defense has tried to portray Jensen as a victim. Throughout the trial, he was portrayed in defense as a victim, someone who simply got sucked into believing lies by the QAnon movement and wasn't fully responsible for his own actions.

Jensen was previously released in July 2021 ahead of his trial, after his defense convinced District Court Judge Tim Kelly, among other things, that he was so ignorant he believed he was in the White House instead of the Capitol. However, two months later, he was re-arrested for violating a court condition to refrain from internet use, after he live-streamed MyPillow CEO and election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell's "Cyber Symposium" purporting to reveal election fraud in 2020.