Judge says he wants Capitol rioters' sentences to 'hurt': report
Screengrab from Just Another Channel

On Friday, NBC4's Scott MacFarlane, the lead reporter covering the prosecution of the rioters in the January 6 Capitol insurrection, reported that a judge has said he wants the sentences for the Capitol defendants to "hurt."

"Today it was sentencing for Lori and Thomas Vinson of Kentucky," said MacFarlane in a Twitter update. "Both pleaded guilty to the lowest level of misdemeanors from January 6th. Unlawful picketing and parading. Both asked for leniency, both expressed remorse, and they got some leniency from the judge. Five years probation, but it's what the judge said. And it was the other thing he did that was so striking."

"Federal judge Reggie Walton really leaned in while issuing his sentence, saying the risk is there not being enough deterrence coming from the January 6th cases," said MacFarlane. "Saying, 'anybody gullible enough to fall for the election lies that preceded the insurrection could be gullible enough to do it again.' And he said, 'what if Democrats do this next time around if they lose?' He says 'We're dividing the nation and ripping the heart out of our country.' And then he did something different. He issued $5,000 fines against the Vinsons, saying prosecutors hadn't been doing enough, or asking enough, to get financial penalties against January 6th defendants. He says, 'the sentences need to hurt.'"

Lori Vinson, prior to begging for forgiveness, boasted on Facebook that "I am not sorry" for storming the Capitol and would "do it again tomorrow." Thomas Vinson, who claims to have witnessed other Capitol attackers try to break into the office of then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), has also been asked to testify before the House select committee investigating the insurrection about what he witnessed.

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