Cop caught on video taking down Black teen after she calls him racist

A viral video shows a southern Illinois police officer wrestling a Black teenage girl to the ground and threatening to use a stun gun during a violent arrest.

An employee at Casey's General Store in Carbondale called police the afternoon of Sept. 23 to report the teen for trespassing after she was banned, and the 56-second video clip shows the officer grab the hood of the girl's sweatshirt after she calls him racist, and he pulls her to the ground and then lands on top of her, reported The Southern Illinoisan.

"You are going to get tased if you don't stop," the officer says as he rolls the girl over and pins her down as onlookers scream for him to stop.

The officer claimed the teen refused to identify herself when he responded to the complaint, and a statement from police said he believed force was necessary to detain the girl -- but a former police officer turned community activist disagreed.

"That's most definitely not the protocol," said former officer Nancy Maxwell, founder of the Southern Illinois Unity Coalition. "In fact, restraining somebody, putting them down on the ground, that's supposed to be the last-ditch effort if you ... as the officer feels threatened, or you feel that the public safety is in jeopardy. None of that was the case. (There) is so many other ways, different scenarios that could have came up without her ending up on the ground."