Man charged with hate crime for striking Asian woman with a pool cue
Screen shot via WGRZ

A New York man has been charged with a hate crime after he allegedly yelled racial slurs at an Asian-American woman before striking her with a pool cue, WGRZ reports.

Charles Vacanti, 46, was arrested for assault on March 19 after he attacked the woman, who is 5 feet tall. Vacanti is 5'7 and weighs 270 pounds. Vacanti was arrested again on Wednesday, April 20, and charged with one count of felony assault with intent to cause injury with a weapon as a hate crime, as well as one count of criminal possession of a weapon with intent to use.

"They did not know each other. Now how they came about the altercation, that's something I'd rather not comment on right now. What I could tell you is prior to the defendant striking the victim, he did use some racial slurs and then struck the victim," Erie County Sheriff John Garcia said.

During a press conference, Garcia said Vacanti actions were reprehensible.

Watch WGRZ's report on the story below:

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