'Traitor' pro-Trump propagandist blasted for siding with Putin over Biden

Charlie Kirk is finding Twitter less supportive these days now that the man he spent four years promoting was banned two months ago from the social media platform.

The far right wing conspiracy theorist and propagandist who created a niche by milking the right wing claim that conservative college students were being silenced – because their views were and continue to be extremely unpopular, especially among educated Americans – on Thursday decided to send some support Vladimir Putin's way.

Over the past 24 hours President Joe Biden has launched an offensive against the Russian president. After the federal government's Intelligence Community published a report making clear that Russia once again attacked the U.S. election last year in another attempt to deliver the White House to Donald Trump, Biden warned Putin there will be a "price to pay."

And agreed with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that he's a "killer."

Rhetoric quickly escalated, with Russia pulling its ambassador and Putin going berserk, ultimately insisting Biden "debate" him online – a tactic used by the American far right on social media, making some wonder where they learned it.

But instead of honoring his country and defending his president, Kirk decided to attack Biden, throwing his support to the murderous Russian dictator, while praising Trump.

Donald Trump, Jr., who's reportedly close friends with Kirk, offered similar remarks:

Kirk was blasted on social media: