Video shows people attacking helpless woman in downtown Chicago during 'teen takeover' unrest

A video taken during a night of unrest in downtown Chicago shows a mob of people, many presumed to be teenagers, violently attacking a woman on a doorstep as she screams in terror.

According to CWB Chicago, the video is part of a "mix tape" that compiles various clips from social media showing incidents perpetrated by a "large group" that descended on the Loop this Saturday night. Another clip shows a man punching a CTA bus driver through a shattered window. A third shows people jumping on an SUV and smashing its windows.

Chicago police arrested nine juveniles and six adults during the incident on Saturday.

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As CWB Chicago points out, as of today neither Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot nor Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson have plans to answer questions from the media.

A similar gathering took place at 31st Street Beach on Friday night. Three teenage boys were shot -- two on Saturday and one on Friday.

Watch the video below or at this link.