'Where is the shame?' CNN's Cuomo rips Greg Abbott for attacking vax mandates amid extreme abortion ban
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo (screengrab).

On Thursday, CNN's Chris Cuomo tore into Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) for protesting President Joe Biden's new federal vaccine mandate, as he continues to defend an extreme law that bans virtually all abortions in his state and empowers civil bounties on anyone who helps facilitate them.

"So let me get this right from the right," said Cuomo. "Insisting that doing what science overwhelmingly shows protects a person and those around them from a deadly virus is wrong, though it defies no existing law that deals with the subject. Basically why? Because a person has a right to choose what to put in their body. That's their personal freedom. But you only believe that with the vaccine. Because you are all fine ignoring existing constitutional law to prohibit a woman from having the right to control her own body. You practically ban access to reproductive rights in Texas in defiance of the standard set out by science and law."

Cuomo went on to slam Abbott's accusations about Biden assuming purportedly dictatorial powers with his new vaccine mandates.

"Governor Abbott from Texas says what Biden is doing is a 'power grab,'" continued Cuomo. "Governor Abbott says it is okay to use his power to force a woman to stay pregnant after being raped. And when asked why is that okay, he says, well, rape is a crime and I'm going to arrest rapists. That's not a power grab? You're going to arrest rapists? So it's okay that a rapist can rape, make someone pregnant and they have to deal with it? That's not a power grab by you. Under your law, a rapist can sue a woman who wants to end the pregnancy forced on them by the rapist. The rapist can sue under your law. But someone can't be told they have to take the vaccine to work for the federal government. That's a power grab."

Cuomo became incredulous that Abbott had the audacity to hypocritically bash Biden's efforts to trying to bring the pandemic to an end.

"Are you serious?" said Cuomo. "Your resistance is not about science, it's not about law, and it sure as hell isn't about freedom. It's about animus and advantage. Where is the shame in holding such conflicting positions?"

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