'It's an embarrassment to watch grown men so emasculated': GOP leaders roasted on CNN for sticking with Trump
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On CNN Monday, conservative commentator S. E. Cupp tore into House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for their continued support of former President Donald Trump's attacks on democracy.

"They are leaders in the Republican Party," said anchor John Berman. "Scalise is perpetuating the Big Lie. And Grassley is kind of coming up with this new lie that Trump was somehow the victim in the insurrection. What does this do to the party? And what does this do to the country?"

"It's an embarrassment to the country to watch two grown men so emasculated, so afraid of losing Donald Trump's support and supporters," said Cupp. "It's deeply disappointing. But I actually think it's worse. In some ways, people like Steve Scalise, lawmakers like Chuck Grassley leaning into this and really giving it their full weight is, I think, worse than Trump doing it."

Cupp said that she's come to expect this kind of behavior from Trump, but not from GOP lawmakers who should know better.

"The idea that Trump lies and doesn't know how to tell the truth or doesn't care about facts, that's almost baked into the cake even amongst his supporters," said Cupp. "But the idea that lawmakers are going along with it, very seriously, not flippantly but seriously going along with it, I think, gives it a lot of credit to people who are tuning into Fox News, maybe, who are disaffected voters and think, well, if they are saying it, surely, it must be true because no one seems to be fact checking this, you know, on some of the right-wing media airwaves. So I think it's — it's actually incredibly dangerous, what Steve Scalise and Chuck Grassley and many other Republicans, by the way, are doing. In — in some ways, worse than Trump saying it in the first place."

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