Billionaire Trump supporter offers to buy CNN: report

Billionaire John Catsimatidis suggested he's considering making an offer to buy CNN from its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, saying that if he were to take over the network, all he'd want from compensation is "$1 per year,” The New York Post reported.

Speaking to The Post, Catsimatidis, 74, said that it would be "up to the investment bankers to come up with the numbers" in regards to how much he'd pay.

“We could always bring partners in, but I want to run the place,” he said. “We are capable of putting down a substantial amount of money.”

“I’d go run the place tomorrow morning, and all I’d want is $1 per year and a piece of the upside,” Catsimatidis, who is a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, said.

There is no suggestion that Discovery has any interest in selling CNN.

“Whoever is running that company is wrong,” Catsimatidis said, adding that if he were to take over the network, he'd continue recently ousted CEO Chris Licht's push to make the network more bipartisan.

“I want the truth, not opinions,” Catsimatidis emphasized. “If people say there’s two truths, let’s voice both truths and let the viewers decide.”