'Rich with irony': CNN legal analyst skewers Senate Republicans' attacks on Merrick Garland
US Attorney General Merrick Garland (AFP)

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Wednesday skewered Senate Republicans who accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of supposedly targeting conservative parents protesting at school board meetings despite the fact that he is only investigating people who have made violent threats against school board members.

Toobin said that Republicans' criticisms of Garland for supposedly politicizing the DOJ were "rich with irony" because they "spent four years defending the incredibly politicized justice department of William Barr and Jeff Sessions."

Toobin then claimed that the senators were simply using Garland as a punching bag to boost their own political ambitions.

"This was theater where Merrick Garland was really a prop more than a witness so that some senators, some republican senators could campaign for president," he said.

Toobin also said that the GOP needed to demonize the teaching of any history of racism in America in order to win elections.

"The reason school boards are controversial is that some school boards have dared to teach that, you know, civil rights and African-American rights have not been so great in this country over the centuries," he said. "Like, when we had slavery and when we had Jim Crow. And that has so outraged the Republican Party, telling the truth about race in America, that they feel the way to win elections and to win the governorship in Virginia is to demonize these school boards."

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