Colorado official accused of ordering employees to stonewall investigation into election breach: report
KREX screenshot

According to a report from CNN, a Colorado election official has been placed on leave and sent home after she was accused of pressuring staffers to not cooperate with investigators looking into an election security breach that has also caught the attention of the FBI.

Deputy clerk Belinda Knisley of the Mesa County Clerk and Recorders office is currently facing possible felony charges linked to the ongoing investigation of pro-Donald Trump Republican Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters who is currently being sought as part of an investigation into vote tampering in the 2020 presidential election.

In the case of Knisley, she reportedly became aware of an HR investigation into her activities and tried to derail it, leading to suspension described as a "confidential personnel matter."

CNN reports, "A source in the Mesa County government tells CNN that the 'confidential personnel matter' refers to an open county human resources investigation in which Knisley is accused of pressuring fellow clerk employees -- her subordinates -- not to cooperate with the criminal investigation into the breach."

The report notes that "Knisley was arrested on Wednesday, charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor cybercrime. As part of her bail conditions, Knisley agreed to have no contact with any clerk employees."

"District Attorney Dan Rubinstein wrote that, despite being placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into her allegedly creating a hostile work environment for clerk employees, she had been in contact with the employees, 'in a manner that is intimidating to them, despite the pending investigation and her leave.' But prosecutors said that she had since assured her counsel that she would have no contact with the employees," the report states.

You can read more here and watch coverage of her arrest below via KREX:

Mesa County Deputy Clerk facing charges