'This country was founded on rebellion!' Colorado Republican warns of insurrection over Dem gun bills

A Republican state lawmaker in Colorado this week warned of a possible insurrection that could occur if Democrats in the state passed modest firearms regulations into law.

Colorado Politics reports that the Colorado House of Representatives this week took up a measure that would require Colorado residents to safely store their firearms in their homes when they are not in use so that children cannot access them.

Even though the measure would not at all restrict residents' rights to own and keep guns, Republican state Rep. Richard Holtorf got on the House floor this week and warned that his constituents could respond with violence if it passed.

"Our country was founded on rebellion," he said during his speech opposing the bill, according to Colorado Politics. "And there are political winds where I come from... as we chisel away, with the best intentions, if this continues to go like this, there may be a breaking point."

Colorado House Speaker Alec Garnett chided Holtorf for his warnings of insurrection.

"Tensions seem real high," he said. "You can't be inciting violence."

Earlier this year, Holtorf sparked outrage when he told a Democratic colleague to get over losing his son to gun violence at the 2012 mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.