Colorado elections chief reveals the ‘worst-case scenario’ as Trump allies seek to take over vote counting

On CNN Tuesday, Democratic Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold laid out the danger posed by former President Donald Trump and his allies trying to take over state election systems ahead of critical vote cycles.

"If you look at the roster of people running who are right now," said anchor John Berman, "all those people are Big Lie supporters right there. What would happen if you got rid of the people who were there before and replaced them with those who buy into the Big Lie?"

"It is incredibly alarming," said Griswold. "In fact, in every swing state where we have a secretary of state race, there is someone who has either spread the Big Lie or was at the insurrection running to oversee elections. And I think it was put best by the Washington Post over the weekend, it is like having someone who is an arsonist oversee the fire department. We need election administrators who believe in the will of the people, who believe in democracy, and if not, you could see secretaries of state or election officials facilitate insider threats, that's what we just saw in Colorado earlier in the year in western Colorado. You could see the chief election administrator pushing out this information."

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"The worst-case scenario is if there is another January 6th, if there is another attempt by a president or a bad actors to take these positions of elected office, no matter the outcome, while we definitely want secretaries of state and election officials to stand on the right side with fact and the will of the voters," continued Griswold.

Watch below:

Jena Griswold sounds the alarm on Trump allies trying to take over election offices