Hackers 'were close to poisoning an entire town' after breaching treatment plant system: report
(Screenshot via YouTube.com)

This Monday, a press conference was held in Florida by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office detailing an alleged hack of a water treatment facility in the state, allowing hackers to change chemical levels which could make water unsafe to consume.

As Reuters' Chris Bing points out, multiple local government officials says that hackers were "very close to poisoning an entire town by breaching a water treatment facility."

At the outset of the press conference, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said that the city of Oldsmar experienced an "unlawful intrusion" into its water treatment system, saying that the hacker's actions "showed up on the operator's screen with a mouse being moved about to open various software functions that control the water being treated in the system."

Watch the full press conference below: