Ex-FBI agent accused of bilking Texas woman out of $800,000 after threatening her with prison
FBI agent (AFP)

According to 10 Boston, former FBI agent William Roy Stone is facing several federal charges including wire fraud, conspiracy, and false impersonation of a federal officer after conning a woman from Granbury, Texas out of $800,000 — and buying himself a new house and a Mercedes with the ill-gotten gains.

"Stone retired from the FBI's Dallas office in October 2015 but told the woman he was still an active agent, according to the U.S. Attorney's office," reported Scott Gordon. "According to the indictment, Stone told the victim that a fictitious federal judge had appointed Stone to supervise her and threatened to take her children and send her to prison if she did not cooperate. He also told her he could listen to her cell phone conversations and staged calls including a fake federal judge, according to the indictment."

The report continued: "Stone spent the money on a new house in Colleyville and cars, including a Mercedes, prosecutors said."

Stone has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and faces up to 178 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Suspects who claim to be federal officials during the course of breaking the law often end up in serious hot water. One Ohio man arrested on multiple warrants during a traffic stop in May tried to tell responding officers he was working for the FBI, CIA, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Department of the Treasury.

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