Watch: Black man says California cop racially profiled him during traffic stop

A video posted to TikTok showing a traffic stop in Southern California has some thinking it's an example of racial profiling, KTLA reports.

The driver who recorded the incident, 22-year-old University of California Berkeley student Abdullahi Aden, was initially pulled over for the tint on his windows.

The video shows shows Aden tell the officer that he doesn’t have the right to search his vehicle just because he didn’t have his driver’s license on him.

“I studied at the number one public university," Aden tells the officer.

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“What, prison?” the officer replies.

“As soon as I said university, he said, ‘What, prison?’ twice,” Aden told KTLA. “He told me, ‘Where’s your license?’ I told him I don’t have my physical license on me. I do have my driver’s license number memorized, but then he just began looking through the car with his flashlight,” said Aden.

“He just sees a black kid in the car in Costa Mesa at the mall, and he thinks, ‘This kid is up to trouble,’” said Aden.

Watch the video below or at this link.

Video of traffic stop triggers accusations of racial profiling