'Cringeworthy': Watch Tucker Carlson's ugly attack on Kamala Harris
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Screen grab).

Fox News' Tucker Carlson recently launched an on-air attack leveled at Vice President Kamala Harris, repeatedly mispronouncing her name in a segment HuffPost dubbed "cringeworthy."

The conservative Fox News host appeared on a segment focused on mispronouncing the vice president's name throughout his recent segment of "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

“The Democratic Party at this point is a cartel that exists only to perpetuate itself and the elderly mediocrities who run and benefit from it,” Carlson said. “All of them. Carmela Harris is only 57 years old.”


Although Harris' first name is not "Carmela," Carlson forged ahead. He even referred to her name with the correct pronunciation before mispronouncing it again.

“Kamala, Kimala, Carmela, whatever, the vice president, what’s she up to?” Carlson asked.

Carlson's latest remarks follow the backlash he faced for similar actions in the past. However, he previously waved off the critical responses arguing that the mispronunciation was unintentional.

In fact, he even admitted he wasn't pleased when former Democratic presidential campaign adviser Richard Goodstein corrected his error on his own show and called him out for waving off the mispronunciation.

“OK, so I’m disrespecting her by mispronouncing her name unintentionally,” Carlson said. “So it begins. You’re not allowed to criticize Kamala Harris, or Kamala Harris, or whatever.”

“It’s not ‘whatever,’” Goodstein said.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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