Cyber Ninjas CEO explains how they made embarrassing error on 74,000 'phantom' mail-in ballots
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Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan on Friday admitted that his team of "auditors" made a mistake when they claimed that they found more than 74,000 "phantom" mail-in ballots.

During his presentation of the Arizona "audit's" findings, Logan explained that they mistakenly claimed that Maricopa County, Arizona had counted 74,000 additional mail-in ballots with no record of them having ever been sent because they were rushed for time, as reported by ABC 15 polling analyst Garrett Archer.

"Logan says that the 74k error that was made in the summer was because the analysis was quick since they were trying to justify canvassing," Archer writes.

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale earlier this year explained that the supposedly "phantom" mail-in ballots weren't mail-in ballots at all, but were rather ballots from people who had voted in person even though they had requested mail-in ballots as a precaution in case they weren't able to go to the polls.

"This county uses two early voting files that are not meant to be used for forensic audits," Dale explained on CNN this past July. "One of them are ballots requested by voters, one is ballots submitted by voters. That ballots requested file stops getting updated October 23rd of this year, but the ballots submitted file keeps getting updated with in-person votes until ten days later. You have thousands and thousands of in-person votes between October 24th and the day before the election where there won't be a corresponding entry on ballots requested file."