Cyber Ninjas CEO was seen as doing 'God's work' by far-right extremists — and he encouraged it: reporter
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On CNN Monday, Arizona Republic reporter Jen Fifield described how "Cyber Ninjas" CEO Doug Logan, who helped conduct the GOP-backed "audit" in Maricopa County, took on a theological significance among his far-right supporters.

"A longtime friend calls him a Christian conservative whose religion is fundamental to everything he does," said anchor Erin Burnett. "So how does that fit, his belief about religion, to his links to Team Trump? How does that all fit together?"

"It was really important to show the religious side of Doug Logan because since this audit began, there's been many religious connections," said Fifield. "On Telegram and other right-wing sites, there's many people talking about how this is a religious experience, how Doug Logan is doing the God's work. We found out that there is a prayer board inside the coliseum where Doug Logan would pray during times of stress. It was to show another side of him. It was to show that he really says and tells his longtime friends that he is committed to doing the right thing."

Fifield said that Logan was a complex figure who sincerely believes that doing the "audit" is a righteous cause -- and that he didn't seem like he would deliberately lie if the audit actually showed Biden won Arizona.

"When I met him that first day of the audit, he did come off as he was trying to do the audit accurately, which is in contrary to what you've heard in the news throughout the months," she said. "So I'm trying to show that this is a multi-layered — this is a multi-layered idea that Doug Logan is here running this audit, being paid and working with all of the Trump allies, but who is he really?"

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Jen Fifield says far-right extremists believed Cyber Ninjas CEO was doing "the God's work"