'Mouth-breathing dolt' Dan Bongino mocked on news he will take over Rush Limbaugh's radio show slot

Right wing conspiracy theorist and thrice-failed GOP congressional candidate Dan Bongino has been named to take over Rush Limbaugh's daily 3-hour time slot on Cumulus Media's Westwood One radio network, Fox News reports.

Bongino, a former police officer and Secret Service agent who is now a Fox News contributor, has become a well-known name in the world of MAGA politics. He says he also has an "ownership stake" in Parler, the social media platform that reportedly has been popular with white nationalists and white supremacists, the QAnon cult, and Trump supporters for its lack of content moderation. The Daily Sentinel's Josh Edwards in 2020 called it "a coffee shop with a sign on the door saying 'Nazis welcome.'"

"Parler and I share common values," Bongino announced when he invested in the platform. "We are resolutely committed to free speech, and the marketplace of ideas."

Just before the 2018 election when he was an NRA TV show host Bongino bragged, “My entire life right now is about owning the libs. That's it."

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis expressed her excitement on the news Bongino will take Limbaugh's time slot:

Conservative pundit and Mediaite columnist John Ziegler weighs in:

But former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was thrilled:

Here's how some others are responding to the Bongino news: