'You're here about the body in my kitchen': Texas man reportedly kept son's remains in house since 2018
New Boston, Texas police handout

A 67-year-old east Texas man is in jail today, charged with abusing a corpse after police found skeletal remains in the man's kitchen.

KTBS News reports that authorities are investigating the circumstances under which David McMichael of New Boston, Texas, kept the remains of his adult son, Jason, in his house for the past four years. Police made the discovery this week while conducting a welfare check on the father and son that was requested by an out-of-town family member.

In a press release, police said the elder McMichael readily acknowledged the reason for their visit. “He was asked by officers on the scene if he knew why they were there,” the press release says. “Mr. McMichael advised them it was because he had a body in his kitchen.”

After officers found the skeletal remains lying on the floor, McMicheal was taken into custody. Texarkana Crime Scene investigators were called to process the scene.

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"Right now, we're waiting on the report to come back from Southwestern Forensics Institute on the autopsy. Police are currently interviewing family members at the moment," said New Boston police spokeswoman Katie Jimenez.

No one else is believed to have been living in the home and no ages have been released yet. Police say they're also not aware of any missing person reports filed for the homeowner's son.