New Jersey town council candidate under fire after he likens LGBTQ people to rapists and pedophiles
David Paszkiewicz (Screen cap via Fox 5 NY)

A right-wing candidate for town council in Kearny, New Jersey has come under fire for likening LGBTQ Americans to rapists and pedophiles.

Fox 5 NY reports that local pastor and teacher David Paszkiewicz is taking criticism over a video in which he mocked the LGBTQ designation and suggested that new letters be added to it to include sexual predators.

"When did it become lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, queer, and now they added a plus sign to it," Paszkiewicz said in a video posted on Facebook. "What is the plus for? What will the next letter be? Will it be R for rapist, P for pedophile, will it be H for human trafficking, will it be B for bestiality?"

Paszkiewicz, who teaches history at a local high school, is no stranger to controversy.

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In 2006, he earned a rebuke after a student recorded a video of him promoting creationism in his class.

One Kearny resident who spoke with Fox 5 NY predicted that Paszkiewicz's candidacy would go nowhere, as he lives in a "very liberal town."

Nonetheless, the resident rebuked Paszkiewicz for continuing to push his beliefs onto students.

"He's a government employee — there's a separation between church and state," they said.

Watch Fox 5 NY's report on Paszkiewicz below.