Trump’s desire for a quick trial prompted his attorney’s last-minute change of plans: report
(Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Former president Donald Trump's attorney agreed to work through the weekend to ensure the Senate impeachment trial's quick conclusions.

Attorney David Schoen had initially told lawmakers he would seek a suspension of the trial if lasted through the Jewish Sabbath, but he sent another letter explaining that he would not participate on those days and other members of the legal team would handle those duties, reported CNN.

"[I was] concerned about the delay in the proceedings in a process that I recognize is important to bring to a conclusion for all involved and for the country," Schoen wrote.

Trump is eager to move past the trial into a more relaxed and potentially more lucrative post-presidency, two sources told CNN, and he did not want the trial to be delayed.

The Senate had planned to recess, but the trial will continue Friday evening and Saturday, and a session has been scheduled for Sunday afternoon if necessary.

Trump will likely watch the trial on TV from his private quarters at Mar-A-Lago, but sources said he seems more "checked out" this time than his first impeachment because he's more confident of his acquittal this time around.