Gunman in custody after rampage leaves DC Metro worker dead
DC Subway (Shutterstock)

An early morning shooting spree that ended at a Washington, D.C. metro train station has killed a metro worker and injured three other people, as reported by ABC News.

The shootings began around 9 a.m. after a confrontation on a public bus when the suspect shot a person in the leg. The next victim was shot close by at the Potomac Metro Avenue Station during the middle of a metro card transaction.

The final victim, the metro employee, was killed at a station platform after helping a woman that the suspect was possibly trying to rob.

"The fact that our citizens have to intervene with an armed gunman is disturbing to me," said Ashan Benedict, executive assistant chief of police for Washington D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department. "The gunman is in custody but police haven't yet revealed a motive for attacks."

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The head of transit authority acknowledged that the shooting spree is part of a larger problem.

"We have a gun violence problem in America, and sometimes unfortunately that comes into Metro," said Randy Clarke, chief executive officer and general manager for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. "But this is not a Metro-specific safety issue. It's an American gun violence issue."

No motive for the shooting has been publicly announced.