Vaccinating people is the ‘modern day Holocaust’ says anti-vaxxer and former GOP congressional candidate
DeAnna Lorraine (Screen Grab)

DeAnna Lorraine, a QAnon conspiracy theorist, right wing religious extremist, and former Republican candidate who tried to win Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's congressional seat last year, says working to get people vaccinated and to trust science is the work of "Satan."

Lorraine, who used her run for Congress to further her brand as a political commentator and podcaster appeared on the anti-vaxx "Stew Peters Show," calling efforts to vaccinate people, "the final takeover," while comparing it to the Holocaust.

"This is truly the final takeover," Lorraine, a Republican who lost in a 2020 non-partisan primary against Pelosi with just 1.8% of the vote (Pelosi won 74% of the vote.)

"This is like the modern day Holocaust except for it's global, and they're trying to separate people from their families, they're trying to separate people from polite society and ostracize people, if they're not getting the vaccine," she claimed, apparently not saying who "they" are."

"Anyone who's hesitant about the vaccine for obvious reasons, reasons because of vaccine shedding and missed periods and spontaneous abortions, death, cerebral palsy and all these other crazy, crazy –" Lorraine said before Peters interrupted.

"Sounds like a wet dream for these liberal radicals," Peters insisted, as the camera cut to a photo of George Soros, who was not a subject of the discussion.

"Wow, look at this: instant abortions and people, the nuclear family structure is being destroyed, all with one injection. Wow!" Peters proclaimed, mocking liberals, as if they are advocating for that.

"The sad thing is," Lorraine continued, "it's this propaganda, this massive gaslighting campaign, has been teaching people to not trust their own gut, it's been training people over the past year, and very effectively to teach, to trust science, and this is Satan's work, I mean that's really all there is to it right still I mean, this is the work of Satan, the father of lies, if you want to get religious. This is him being very effectively getting into the souls of people that once had souls, ripping them out and replacing them with these dark behaviors of lying and blackmailing."

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