Dem rep wonders if the mob of Trump supporters protesting outside his home were there because he's Jewish

Ohio Democratic Rep. Casey Weinstein shared a video on Facebook this Sunday showing a throng of Trump supporters protesting outside his home, News5 Cleveland reports.

The video shows a line of trucks and vehicles outside his home with protesters carrying American flags and other flags with "Stand for the flag, kneel for the cross" slogans, and Gadsden flags.

"I'm a public official, I'm an elected official. I get that. I also I don't know why they showed up at my home," Weinstein said in an interview with News 5. "I completely support their right to protest. I think a more effective place to do it is at the State House. But what happened yesterday to me and to my children, my young children, crossed from protest to intimidation, and that's how we took it."

"This is my family house, this is where my kids are, and they're out here. They've been running, yelling, one of my neighbors walked by and they started recording video of her, telling her that they're Trump supporters and think I should 'be better,' whatever that means," Weinstein said, adding that the protest had his children "worried."

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"My 4-year-old asked if we would keep her safe if we were sure we could keep her safe, which is like a punch to the gut as a parent," Weinstein said. "They didn't know. They're saying, 'Why are they so angry? Why don't they like you?'"

Weinstein said he's not sure what sparked the protest. As News5 points out, he recently expressed his opposition to Ohio's congressional map redistricting plans drawn up by the Ohio GOP. He also has the standard pro-vaccination stances shared by most of the Democratic Party.

"They did not convey that to me or [it] didn't come across if there was a particular issue. They mostly got there, took their videos, took their pictures, waved their flags, shouted our way and just kind of made their presence known. And I just truly think the underlying intent was intimidation of me and my family," Weinstein said

He speculated that his Jewish heritage had something to do with the protest.

"It's not happening to my colleagues that I'm aware of. These protests have not happened to any in front of any other representative or senator, at least in the last couple of years that I have been made aware of or that I can find," Weinstein said. "And I don't want to claim antisemitism. I don't know what was in those gentlemen's hearts to show up in front of my home. But I do know that Dr. Acton and I are both Jewish and we're the two that have been targeted. So I do call that out as I think an underlying reason."

Watch News5's report on the story below:

Protesters allegedly supporting Trump gather outside state Rep. Weinstein's Hudson home

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