Nicolle Wallace explains why Dems need to wage the midterms like Ukrainians
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace. (Screencap)

The success of the Ukrainian resistance to Vladimir Putin's invasion could paint a road-map for Democrats who are widely expected to lose the House of Representatives in the 2022 election unless there is a major shift in the dynamics of the midterms.

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace, who served as White House communications director in the George W. Bush administration, offered her political analysis of the situation with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele on "Deadline: White House."

"You know, Michael Steele, obviously I spent time in the communications side in my time in politics," she began. "And what the committee has, just in the evidence we've seen — and Congressman [Adam] Kinzinger (R-IL) says there is a lot that you don't know — is a 'damn right I called the code red' on every page," she said, in reference to the famous courtroom scene in the 1992 movie "A Few Good Men" when Tom Cruise's character gets Jack Nicholson's character to admit his guilt under cross-examination.

"On every page," she continued. "You've got Kevin McCarthy, 'Damn right laws I thought had been broken, damn right I thought my members could get other members killed.' You have Donald Trump, 'Damn right I wanted to use the U.S. Pentagon, the State Department and DHS to seize voting machines.'"

Later in the segment, Wallace explained how Democrats could use defense of democracy to seize the moral high ground in the midterms the same way Ukraine had captured that coveted space in the war.

"Democrats believe that there is a hardwiring and they can only talk about one thing, and I would just posit that, you walk around New York or frankly, all across the Midwest, there are churches and schools with jars outside for Ukraine. And what people understand about Ukraine is two things: One, they're the democracy being attacked by a brutal autocratic leader in Vladimir Putin," she explained. "And two, eight weeks ago, their lives were a lot like our lives."

"Wallace concluded that, "Americans care about democracy if they can be made to understand what happens if you lose it."

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Nicolle Wallace

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