Trump-loving COVID truther busted with gun near House office entrance
Dennis Westover. (Facebook)

A West Virginia man arrested Thursday with a gun near a congressional office building was a Donald Trump supporter who had attended the Jan. 6 protest that ended in violence at the U.S. Capitol.

Dennis Westover, of South Charleston, West Virginia, faces unlawful possession of a firearm and other charges after he was stopped by police in the middle of an intersection several hundred feet from the lawmaker and staffer entrance to the Rayburn House Office building, reported The Daily Beast.

The 71-year-old Westover, whose Facebook page is awash in Trump memes and coronavirus disinformation, had a 9mm black Sig Sauer and 20 rounds ammunition when he was stopped, according to police.

Social media posts by Westover's fiancée appear to show the couple attended the pro-Trump demonstration in Washington, D.C., although it's not clear they were among the former president's supporters who stormed the Capitol.

Westover was also photographed at another "Stop The Steal" event three days later at the West Virginia State Capitol, and he frequently posted Bible verse memes, opposition to Black Lives Matter marches and skepticism about COVID-19 restrictions.

"NOT SAYING Covid ISN'T A SERIES FLU...BUT ITS NUMBERS AND ITS GRAVITY ARE 'COOKED'!!"Can you say George Orwell,...'1984'...'Group Think'...?" Westover wrote Nov. 29 on Facebook. "Big Brother is covidizing (CONDITIONING)...The 'sheeple' to be compliant. WEAR YOUR MASK, STAY APART, DO AS YOU ARE TOLD…"

"Strip off the bondage of the masks," he wrote in another post, "and once again fill the churches and worship god."