Ex-GOP lawmaker horrified by QAnon's influence over party: 'They were beamed up by aliens'

Former Republican Party congressman and NSA official Denver Riggleman lamented what's become of his old party in the Donald Trump era.

Riggleman, who paid thousands of dollars to go a Bigfoot hunt and wrote a book about the legendary beast, thinks the Republican Party has stepped on a "landmine of crazy," the former lawmaker told The Daily Beast's "New Abnormal" podcast.

"The issue is these guys have such a bash sort of ability to reach people on different social network media channels," Riggleman said, "and it's almost like they're mainlining these conspiracy theories straight to people's frontal lobes."

Riggleman co-sponsored a resolution denouncing QAnon and called for questions about that right-wing conspiracy theory to be included in government security clearance screenings, and he thinks the former president's followers have gone off the rails.

"They were beamed up by aliens," Riggleman said.