Former GOP official shreds Republicans for 'absurd' claim Democrats will 'cheat' the vote
GOP SOS hopeful imports election fraud theorists to promote new measure in Nevada

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," former Republican staffer Kurt Bardella tore into pundits in his former party for telling their voters that Democrats are going to "cheat" to steal the vote in the 2022 midterm elections.

This comes after a report from The New York Times that right-wing talk radio around the country is drilling the idea that the next election will not be fair into the heads of their listeners.

"We talked about the cult-like nature of the Republican Party," said anchor Jason Johnson. "That is not new. That is not rocket science. What I have seen, polling-wise, is since the overturning of Roe, do you think this new push in the right-wing ecosphere — oh, my gosh, we are about to be cheated — is because republicans think this ball was not completely in the bag? This seems to be new rhetoric they are pushing even stronger since the overturning of Roe."

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"Jason, here we go," confirmed Bardella. "It's the greatest hits on replay. When Republicans are in trouble, when Republicans sense danger or political fallout, they go back to the greatest hits. They go out to these egregious, ridiculous, debunked lies about the election. It is really absurdity bathed in hypocrisy because as we know, they are the ones who cheat. They are the ones who have used the instruments of power to try to suppress people from participating. They're the ones who know that, when all things are equal and the playing field is level, that they lose elections."

Indeed, Bardella argued, the modern Republican Party sees voter suppression as integral to its very survival.

"That is why they tried to change the voting laws in America," Bardella continued. "2020 was the most free and fair election we have had. We look at how certain states had this recount over and over and over again. It is the most verified election we've ever had and yet Republicans felt to rewrite the voting laws in America. Why? They know they will lose if they keep going down this path and if they don't suppress the vote, they don't have a chance."

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Kurt Bardella on Republican lies about election integrity