NY real estate moguls help their rich pals jump line for COVID-19 vaccine: report
Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

Two New York real estate moguls are reportedly helping their wealthy friends and associates jump the line to receive vaccinations for the novel coronavirus.

According to the New York Post, brothers Bill and David S. Mack have "personally arranged for... their wealthy friends from Manhattan and the ritzy Palm Beach Country Club to get the COVID-19 vaccine at a Florida retirement home."

According to the Post's sources, the vaccine was administered at the Joseph L. Morse Health Center in Palm Beach, which is near the Palm Beach Country Club where many of the brothers' friends are members.

"They apparently made a list of people who could get the vaccine, who one can only assume are their wealthy friends and clients," one source explained. "Supposedly, some people flew down in private jets from New York just for the vaccine, if they were lucky enough to be on the list the brothers made. It wasn't just members of the Palm Beach Country Club who got the vaccine, but there were many club members who did."

A spokesperson for the Macks defended their efforts and described them as being done in the name of public health.

"Several not-for-profit health and senior care organizations in Florida are undertaking major vaccination efforts," they said. "David and Bill Mack were asked to assist a not-for-profit healthcare institution with the organization of its vaccination campaign."